In the year 910 Edward the Elder, King of the Anglo-Saxons of Mercia and Wessex and son of Alfred the Great, continued his father's fight to reclaim the lands taken by the Vikings during the previous century.

Sensing that King Edward was preoccupied with overseeing the construction of his navy, the three Viking Kings who ruled the Kingdom of Northumbria gathered an army to raid Mercia. 

They sailed up the River Severn and landed near Bridgnorth, left their ships there and proceeded to plunder the local area. Edward received word of the attack and reacted immediately, taking the Vikings off guard.

The Vikings, fearing they might be cut off from the ships, tried to retreat to Bridgnorth but Edward intercepted them, forcing them to face him in battle.

The battle that ensued was recorded as being particularly bloody, and saw all three Viking Kings die on the battlefield with most of their men. This so crippled the Vikings that for the next 50 years they posed little threat to the Anglo-Saxons and paved the way for Edward's son Athelstan to become the first ever King of a unified England.

This decisive battle, a pivotal point in our history, is known as the Battle of Tettenhall.

The exact location of the battle is not known.  Some give the location as Tettenhall, close to Wolverhampton, while others suggest Wednesfield or Seisdon.

Today, few people know that the battle took place.  Therefore, as it was a very important event which took place in our local area, Svartland are keen to raise awareness of the battle.  As well as having this page on our web site, we are actively publicising the history of the battle to local residents. 

In August 2012 & 2013 , on the anniversary of the battle, in association with Wolverhampton Central Library we had promotional days, looking to teach the people of Wolverhampton and the Black Country about part of their local history which has almost been forgotten. In 2014, our promotional day was on14 June, when we appeared at both Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Wolverhampton Beer Festival (which was also publicising the battle). 

These events were a great success, with many people commenting that they had never heard of the battle, but would like to know more about it.  There were calls to commemmorate the battle in some way each year.  Svartland are keen to do that, so long as justice can be done to the scale and importance of the battle, which some other events by different groups have failed to do over the years.

More details on any of our future Battle of Tettenhall promotional events will be available via links on our Events page.